Homily 2017-07-16

Sunday July 16, 2017
The Gospel by :Mt 13:1-23

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The word (the seed) fell in rocky ground (deaf ears).

Psychologists have helped the world in many ways, but they have also hurt it. They have empowered people with excuses. When Jesus asks to forgive, we respond with made up psychological phrases like: “I am entitled to my anger and I am not ready to forgive”. When Jesus asks us to love our enemies we respond: “I have the right to hate those who hurt me, raped me or killed my family members”. When Jesus asks us to build our treasures in heaven by protecting the orphan, the widow and the needy; we respond by creating laws to keep them far from us. We built houses for the elderly who are not visited by their children and family. We push the homeless away from our homes. When Jesus calls for peace, we create armies and nuclear weapons. Now, are we really followers of Christ?

Yesterday’s Gospel is a wakeup call: which of the people that Jesus talked about are YOU? Are you the one that listens to the words of God and immediately ignore them or ridicule them as being hypocritical, hocus-pocus or plain rubbish? The seed fell on the ground and the birds ate them. The words came in one ear and left immediately through the other.

What about the seed that fell in the rocky ground: are you that person? The one that hears the words, loves them, but leaves the church and begins fighting at home, or giving the finger to the driver that tried to cut him off. Are you the one that lies to get ahead and then goes to confession and asks forgiveness, only to do it again and again? See… those people have no roots, they are empty, they have no conscious. They say one thing, but do another; they simply have no Christian-back-bone.

Are YOU the one seed that fell on the ground surrounded with thorns? Those are the people that are choked by emotions, tribulations, family problems, taxes, late-payment, constantly conflict and lack of peace. They get caught up in the looks and pretense; they get overwhelmed with the busy world that requires more from them. They seldom pray and when they do, it is only about them. They forget words like sacrifice, forgiveness, love, sharing and mostly living a simple life.

OR are you the seed that fell in a fertile ground? Those are the people who understand Jesus words and decide to live by them no matter what. They rarely complain about their problems, when they speak of them it is to find a solution (they avoid gossip and sharing the same story with others – they know that venting could become a form of self-victimization and pity). They easily forgive and learn from their sufferings and tribulations. They learn to ride the pain with joy and love.

You have only one life. Stop whining, stop blaming others, and stop crying about your past, stop making excuses, stop ignoring God’s wisdom. You know what to do, then do it.

 I work with people in hospice, dying… The majority of them are victims of their own delusion. They lived their lives as if they were eternal, they thought they had time. C.S. Lewis wrote: to believe that there is still time is the best weapon that the devil has.

Don’t fool yourself. You can fool your wife, you can blame her for your failures, you can blame your father for his alcoholism; but at the end, the only one who believes your rubbish is yourself (everyone around you already knows who you are).

Look for Jesus in your heart. Listen to his wisdom. You should start living as if today you would drop dead and will soon meet your maker. Trust me, one day that will be your reality (and mine); then you will be grateful that your seed feel on healthy ground and yielded a fruitful life!!!!

I wish you all the blessings of God. Be at peace and please don’t give up, find some sort of divine wisdom to inspire you!

Fr. Marc Angelo


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God Bless!
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