Homily 2017-07-09

Sunday July 09, 2017
The Gospel by :Mt 11:25-30

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Notice how many reality shows are invading our television: desperate housewives of Atlanta, of Chicago – pretty soon you will see a desperate housewives for every state – . I wonder why people want to see the worse in others… Are reality shows glorifying drama, disappointments, betrayal and plain old nastiness? Are those shows an expression of who we are inside?

Even it is in an unconscious level, what it’s been produced is an expression of our desires, needs, fears and interests. The scariest thought is that some people are watching out of morbidity… Are we laughing at other people’s misfortune? Are we laughing at their nastiness and drama?

I am not attacking television shows AT ALL, but I am pointing out what I feel is happening across the globe: we are tired of hiding our problems and our drama. There might be a redeeming value in watching those shows… Maybe it is about sympathy; we know their pain, because we have been there. Beyond their drama, created for entertainment value, there is the reality that we are all the same: whether rich or poor. We all have the daily struggles that demand companionship, understanding, and a shoulder to cry on.

Today’s gospel is about all that. We are asked to cry on Jesus’ shoulders. We are asked to rest our burdens on him. We are invited to trust Jesus, he will make things better. He is here with us – while we are shedding your tears.

“Give me your yoke”, he said.

For those who have forgotten what a yoke is: a pair of oxen are hooked together to a heavy piece of wood placed on their shoulders. The weight of their shoulders drags a plow that opens the fields and prepares the land for planting. There is rarely a single yoke, for the most part is a pair of animals.

Jesus takes the weight of our sins on his shoulders and carries the cross. He wants our burden: our problems paying the rent, our worries about our grandchildren; our concerns about our sick and elderly. Jesus wants our rage and anger when abused and mistreated; he wants all our pain. Can you trust him? Can you give up your pain in exchange of a relationship with God?

I know some people who do not want to share their pain, because they love to be miserable. Those are the ones seeking for pity. It seems that they enjoy to complain. They enjoy their loneliness.

Some people love to make others feel guilty. Even if Jesus went to talk to them and asked them to give up their burden, they refuse. Deep down inside of them, they crave their misery, because they have grown accustomed to it: they have become addicted to their pain.

Jesus began today’s gospel by praising God for giving wisdom to the humble and meek. Those who are simple of heart are able to understand all that. They see beyond the masks of drama and deception. They can tell when people are selfish and unmotivated. They can even spot a person who thrives with pity and blame. But, at the same time, they do not judge. They do not even bring it up in front of others. They lower their gaze to the ground and begin to plow with Jesus. They accept Jesus as their partner through life’s hardships and disappointments. Therefore they have been called blessed.

As we continue our journey in learning God’s wisdom, let us look inside of ourselves and identify our burden, and then let’s give it up. Let Jesus walk with you. Trust in him and do not fear. He is here with us out of his unconditional love for each and every one of us. Amen

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God Bless!
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