Homily 2017-06-04

Sunday June 04, 2017
The Gospel by :Jn 20:19-23

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The Gospel by :Jn 20:19-23 Pentecost

As we celebrate the arrival of the Holy Spirit, I would like you to focus on today’s sequence, a hymn recited before the Gospel. When you read it slowly, meditate on it. I have included it at the end of the page.

There are times in which we lose hope; in which God seems distant. Even for those of us who are constantly praying, there are moments in which we feel alone. In moments of loneliness and desperation, St. Teresa of Avila called upon God and complained: “Is this is the way you treat your friends?” In fact she concluded that if God treated his friends the way he was treating her, then God is really to be afraid of.

Loneliness in the midst of sufferings and problems may lead to desperation. The word desperation means “without hope”; with nothing to look forward to.

St. Ignatius of Loyola taught his disciples to remember those moments in which they felt the love of God and to cherish them, so that when they fell in despair they could recall the feelings and soothe their Spirit when feeling down.

St. John of the Cross was aware of the feeling of being abandoned by God. He called the experience the night of the soul.

If saints experience the night of the soul, if they at times feel that God is not listening and that life is unmanageable, then it is ok for us to feel that God is not listening, or maybe a little hopeless or helpless.  

In moments of desperation, St. Teresa of Avila liked to chant a hymn to the Holy Spirit, similar to hymn we heard today.

I am aware that the struggles of the saints may not be like our struggles. I also know that some of us are better equipped to handle pain and disillusion than others. Sometimes, our struggles are a direct result of sensory overload, meaning too many things happening at the same time. I call that noise; too many tragedies at once, family fights, financial distress, job uncertainties, lack of faith. There is also outside noise: political chaos, terrorism, news, job obligations, social responsibilities, etc. In other words, there are too many ways of becoming distracted from your inner self: prayer becomes dull and church becomes a chore. Life becomes less exciting.

Following St. Ignatius’ advice, learn to sing or recite a hymn to God in moments of sorrow. Why not sing to Him often, whether in distress or not? Make it a habit to sing in silence when you are working. Sit quietly and imagine the Spirit’s gifts being poured down upon you. See the tongues of fires descend on you and your family. Use your imagination to see what is real; God’s spirit descending on you.

When a person is tuned in, the soul becomes sensitive to God’s impressions. St. Teresa was so tuned in, that she experienced God anywhere. Some people believe that Saint Padre Pio was in possession of the Holy Spirit at all times. People were afraid of looking into his eyes, because he was very intense.

Today, we celebrate the pouring of the Holy Spirit, let us tune in and feel the joy of God, so next time you are down, you can recall the experience and know that being down is only temporary, pretty soon you will feel His joy again. Amen

Next week, June 11 at 2:00pm, we are joining forces with St, Mary’s in Palms with a BBQ. You are all invited, please bring a dish to share with others and let us celebrate true brotherhood and sisterhood in Christ. (3647 Watseka Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90034 -come early as parking is an issue).

On July 1, I am celebrating 29 years of being ordained a priest with another BBQ. It falls on a Saturday, so mark your calendars. It will probably be in my house in Hawthorne, but I am not sure, I will let you know more about it next week.

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God Bless!
Fr. Marc Angelo
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Sequence — Veni, Sancte Spiritus

Come, Holy Spirit, come!
And from your celestial home
Shed a ray of light divine!
Come, Father of the poor!
Come, source of all our store!
Come, within our bosoms shine.
You, of comforters the best;
You, the soul’s most welcome guest;
Sweet refreshment here below;
In our labor, rest most sweet;
Grateful coolness in the heat;
Solace in the midst of woe.
O most blessed Light divine,
Shine within these hearts of yours,
And our inmost being fill!
Where you are not, we have naught,
Nothing good in deed or thought,
Nothing free from taint of ill.
Heal our wounds, our strength renew;
On our dryness pour your dew;
Wash the stains of guilt away:
Bend the stubborn heart and will;
Melt the frozen, warm the chill;
Guide the steps that go astray.
On the faithful, who adore
And confess you, evermore
In your sevenfold gift descend;
Give them virtue’s sure reward;
Give them your salvation, Lord;
Give them joys that never end. Amen.

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