Homily 2017-05-14

The Gospel by Jn:14:1-12
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I prayed for all the mothers of the world, especially those who have passed. May God continue to use mothers as His instrument of love! Many blessings!

In my father’s house there are plenty of rooms, Jesus said. In God’s kingdom there is a place for everyone, even for those who have been rejected by society or their family members.

Saint Theresa of Avila speaks of several mansions in heaven. Some people think of mansions as level of consciousness, others as levels or dimensions. In any case, when Jesus speaks about mansions or rooms he speaks of a special place for each and every one of us. He wants us to understand that death does not exist, that life has continuation and that after this life each and every one of us will find that special niche. His message requires a special sensitivity to things that are not from this world. Life after death is something that we have not experienced, at least consciously.

When Philip said: “show us your father”, Philip was asking for a tangible proof. It is as if Philip was asking for a verification of Jesus message. Is there a place for me after death? Show us your father and we will believe you. Jesus responds brings the intangible, that which cannot be touched or seen, into a tangible reality (love). In fact, Jesus is God in a human form, how more tangible can that be? It is God’s love that moved Jesus to become human and it is his love that wanted to reveal to us that which we cannot see with our eyes.

As we celebrate Mother’s Day: Mothers are the tangible and living example of God’s love. Put in another way, mothers are the externalization of God’s intrinsic love.

If in Jesus we saw the face of God, it is in the face of a mother that we see his love. Although, I do realize that there are mothers that fail to be loving and caring, but they are the exception. For the most part the love of a mother represents sacrifice, commitment, dedication, abnegation and unconditional love.  

Jesus said the kingdom of God is among you, it’s right here with us. It is through the love of a mother that we experience the kingdom of God being among us. No wonder Jesus left his mother to care for us.

This weekend, we celebrated 100 years of the apparition of the Virgin Mary in Fatima. Fatima is the sign of a mother’s concern for a world that is corrupted by politicians and personal agendas; a mother’s concern for the safety of the world.

Today we see trouble in the White House, trouble in Russia, Korea and in many other countries. And Mary’s request in Fatima is even stronger than ever: pray for the conversion of Russia, pray for the conversion of those countries and politicians that are not doing God’s work. Pray incessantly. We are reminded that prayer is the answer.

Some people find prayers to be an inconvenience or boring. Yet, those of us who have come to understand the power of prayer, see prayer as a powerful tool. Prayer is used as an invocation (asking God to intervene by sending his Spirit upon us). Prayer can transform the world into a peaceful dwelling place of God. Mary took the task to intervene and ask people to pray at Fatima. Her role as a mother is not personal, it is not about her. It is about fulfilling the promise of Jesus; it is about helping to manifest heaven on earth; it is about bringing us to a new understanding. It is about lifting us to a new level of consciousness; allowing us to be part, in this life, of Jesus’ kingdom.

Jesus said that we will be able to do greater things than him, because from Heaven, in the house of the Father, through the Holy Spirit, we will be in possession of God’s ultimate power (love). The most powerful tool is love and most of us neglect it. I feel very sad when I see mothers abandoned at nursing homes, no one visits them. And I wonder how many times that mother sacrificed herself to give to her children everything that she had, and yet, there she is, abandoned by them. If we can do that to a mother, imagine what we can do to strangers! No wonder countries continue to destroy each other. Wars are easily fueled by our egotistical agendas. It is time to listen to the voice of God through the apparition at Fatima: pray for the conversion of the world. But pray!, Don’t fuel your anger against politicians, don’t get into the habit of gossiping and criticizing without praying.  

As Jesus reminded us of another world, a mansion in heaven, let us ask the Lord to send forth his spirit, so that we may become more sensitive to his message and strengthen our faith.

Happy mother’s day to all of us, because without their loving example there would be little love in the world! 
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