Homily 2017-01-29

The Gospel by MT 5:1-12A
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It is hard to tell other people about our problems. Sometimes it’s easier to just swallow our tears and go on living pretending that everything is ok. Some of us are afflicted with family problems, illness or financial problems. It takes a lot of energy to keep on going.

The gospel of this past Sunday gave us hope. Even if people do not see pass your fake smile, even if no one notices how much you struggle, even if no one cares or gives you a hand, GOD is always there. He is taking count of your struggles and sufferings. He pronounces those beautiful words: You are Lucky! Or you are blessed!

Blessed? Why? Because I am hungry and can barely put food on the table? Because, my partner cheated on me? Because my parents never gave me love? Why am I blessed?

And God will put his hand around your shoulder and whisper in your ear: I allowed that burden to be in your life. I know what your struggles are. I know how much you suffer; I know how it hurts when others do not come through and you find yourself alone. But, look at it in this way, my way: you are securing a place in heaven for the rest of your existence. You think this is hard, because it is hurting for the last twenty years, but in turn, you are in possession of the biggest treasure there is, you are in possession of the biggest fill, and you are inheriting everything for eternity.

            The Beatitudes is a blessing and a promise. You are rewarded for every little effort and suffering. Everything you do will be rewarded. So the next time you are struggling or in pain, offer that pain to the Lord, feel a joy in your heart knowing that he is by your side. Jesus does not deny pain; he knows that to be human we will suffer pain. So he gives us hope. Know that your recompense is in heaven. BE at peace, know that he is watching and taking count and bringing blessings into your life. Not everything is bad; there are small little things that make that pain more manageable. Don’t lose hope, because you are blessed!

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