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Fr. Jacob

Greetings from Fr. Jacob Levy,Pastor:

You have no idea how excited I am to celebrate our first mass here. Just the other day I was at the university chapel praying the rosary. Suddenly, I felt that the Virgin Mary spoke to me in my heart: “I have listened to your prayers; know that I am always around you”. Immediately, I made the connection: I was in St. Mary’s chapel at Mount St. Mary’s university, and we just got approved to say mass at St. Mary’s in Palms. Although, these are small things for some, for me they are of great importance. I have a special devotion to our Lady, she inspires and guides me everywhere I go. This church, for example and the fact that I am a priest give testimony of the Virgin Mary’s presence in my life.

As we officially begin our ministry here, I am looking forward to working with you. Through our prayer, let us transform the world by following the example of our heavenly mother. This is only the beginning!


Saludos del Padre Jacob Levy, Sacerdote:

¡No pueden imaginarse la alegría que siento al celebrar nuestra primera misa aqui!

Justo los otros días estaba en la capilla de la universidad rezando el Rosario y sentí que la Virgen María me dijo que había escuchado mis oraciones y que siempre estaba a mí alrededor. De inmediato caí en cuenta: estaba en la Capilla de Santa María – en la Universidad del Santa María del Monte – y la iglesia que nos acababan de dar para decir misa se llama Santa María de las Palmas.

Estas cosas aunque pequeñas son muy importantes para mí. Siempre he tenido una devoción especial por Nuestra Señora; sé que ella está a mi lado, que me inspira y me guía. Esta iglesia, por ejemplo, y el hecho de que fui ordenado sacerdote, son testimonios de la presencia de la Virgen María en mi vida.

Al comenzar oficialmente muestra primera misa en esta iglesia, estoy ansioso por trabajar con ustedes y estar más a su servicio. Por medio de la oración, juntos transformaremos el mundo con el ejemplo de nuestra madre celestial. ¡Y esto es solo el principio!



2 thoughts on “Fr. Jacob’s Page

  1. Ken Serra


    Last Sunday (12/3/18) I attended Mass at Archangels and Seraphim for the second time. I felt very welcomed there, and like I really belong. Both times the congregation was small, about 8 or 9 people each time. I even knew a parishioner there. That gave it a more personal feel. Fr. Jacob, Bishop Mark and Bishop Kimo were very nice and very welcoming. I now think of this as my second spiritual home, and plan to return from time to time. I will also recommend this congregation to other Catholics, especially those who may not feel at home in the Roman Catholic Church. Thank you.

    Also, Happy Birthday Fr. Jacob.

    Ken Serra

    1. Anonymous

      Thank you. May God continue to bless you, your family and your journey. Our place of worship welcomes everyone, and we are honored that you came to visit. We are looking forward te seeing you again.


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