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11/04/2018  B. Kimo

10/21/2018 B. Marc Angelo

10/14/2018 B. Marc Angelo

10/07/2018  B. Kimo

09/30/2018  B. Marc Angelo

09/23/2018  Fr. Jacob

09/16/2018  B. Kimo

09/09/2018   bilingual  B. Marc 99 yrs St Mary in Palms

09/02/2018  B. Marc Angelo

08/19/2018  B. Kimo

08/12/2018  Fr.Jacob

07/29/2018  B. Kimo

07/22/2018  Fr.Jacob

07/15/2018  B. Marc Angelo

07/08/2018  B. Kimo:

07/01/2018  Fr. Jacob:

06/24/2018  Fr. Jacob:

06/17/2018  B. Kimo: 

06/10/2018 B. Marc Angelo

06/03/2018  B. Kimo:  Holy Body and Blood of Christ

05/27/2018  Fr. Jacob: The  Most Holy Trinity.

05/20/2018 B. Marc

05/13/2018 B. Kimo: The Ascension of the Lord

04/29/2018   bilingual  B. Marc

 04/22/2018 Fr. Jacob

04/15/2018 B. Marc

04/08/2018 B. Kimo: Sunday of Divine Mercy

04/01/2018 Easter Sunday/ Retreat

03/25/2018   bilingual  B. Marc: Palm Sunday

03/20/2018 B. Marc: Holy Spirit

03/18/2018 B. Kimo

03/11/2018 FR. Jacob

03/04/2018 B. Marc