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Homily 2018-02-04

Sunday Feb 04 2018
The Gospel by :Mk 1:29-39

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 Jesus healed Peter’s mother in law and the whole neighborhood brought their sick.  After healing them, he went to pray in solitude.  Why was Jesus praying?  If prayer is to get us connected with God, why does Jesus, who is God, needs to pray? Are there different types of prayer?

Some people bless their days as they get up and their food as they eat.  That is a type of prayer.  Others say a rosary or recite spontaneous prayers, while others read the bible.  Saint Faustina prayed without words.  Have you ever prayed without words?

In the gospel we hear that Jesus prayed many times, in fact when he was about to resurrect Lazarus he said “I knew that you always hear me, but I said this for the benefit of the people standing here” (John 11:42).  He used words not for his benefit, nor for God’s benefit, but for the benefit of the people.  Jesus’ prayer was of contemplation and union.  His type of prayer is about presence.  Have you ever been in front of a person that you felt safe? Just the fact that you were in the same room with them made you feel secure, loved and cared for.  That’s like being in God’s presence. Jesus’ prayer is an invitation to stay in God’s presence at all times.  I realize that the noise around us tends to take that presence go away. We need more solitude, just like Jesus.

His disciples found him praying, they asked him to go back and heal those that were waiting for him, but he knew that he could not stay in one town alone.  I wonder what happened to the people he left behind waiting to be healed.  But, then I remember that Peter’s mother was healed and they knew it; her responsibility was to get up and work, to get her hands dirty and begin to evangelize.  We cannot receive a gift from God and not share it.  Your job is to hear the word of God and spread the message.  Do you remember when the 72 disciples were sent to preach?  They return three days later.  Their task was not to stay with the same people all the time, their task was to teach others; to give people a taste of Jesus’ love, and then continue in their journey, just like Jesus had to continue his journey. 

The responsibility of the people listening to Jesus and to the disciples was to learn and teach others.  When you go to the well to get water, you have the responsibility to bring water to others.  Now Jesus’ water is different, the jar is filled miraculously every time you share your water.  Sharing brings angels around us and wisdom comes to live with us; serenity becomes our new friend and solitude is contemplation where we can literally see the jar being filled up.  Prayer in solitude is a must if you want to discover the secrets of God.  They are not secret, everyone can hear them, but not everyone takes the time to listen to God.  Don’t get discourage, take time, sit quietly, light a candle, go to a private room and shut the door.  Allow silence to be your friend and let your ears adapt to the silence.  Then, like a miracle, you will hear his voice.  It takes a little to adjust your ears, but he is there waiting to speak to you as soon as you are ready.  Don’t give up, cherish silence.

Thank you and many blessings!

Rev. Marc Angelo, MDiv, MBAacc

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God Bless!
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