This is a place of worship, come join us in prayer, study and meditation
“The world does not need another Church; it needs people committed to Christ’s teachings. Archangels’ Church does not want you to leave your tradition behind, but rather to deepen your faith by actively looking for a personal relationship with God.” Fr. Jacob Levy

Archangel & Seraphim Ecumenical Catholic Church

Diocese of Los Angeles, California

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M. J. Kimo Keawe, S.T.M., M.Th., M.Div., D.D.
Pastor Emeritus, Archangel & Seraphim Ecumenical Catholic Church (Los Angeles)

Reverend Father Jacob Levy
Vicar-Pastor, Archangels & Seraphim Ecumenical Catholic Church

 Reverend Julio Martin Giraldo
(Bogata, Columbia)
                                                             Clergy-in-Residence (Los Angeles, CA)









We are a Catholic Christian community committed to Jesus Christ and to His teaching. We accept and believe the testimony of His apostles who were His first disciples and eyewitnesses of His life, death and resurrection. Although, we are not in communion with the Pope, we recognize him as the bishop of Rome and successor of St. Peter. We recognize the One True Catholic and Apostolic Church – meaning the mystical body of Christ which is not the monopoly of one group or another.

The main difference between Archangel’s Church and the Roman Catholic Church has to do with interpretation and ideologies. Archangel’s is born out of the desire to address people’s needs. Archangel’s Church has not found any theological foundation to continue to deny women from being ordained and gay and lesbians from the sacrament of marriage and holy orders. Neither do we deny communion to those who approach the altar. We are not interested in proselytizing, converting others into our ways or in sharing errors of faith. Those who are interested in participating in our services are welcomed with no judgement and no strings attached. Our focus is to serve those who have not been able to find inner peace and a deeper relationship with Christ. If you are not satisfied with our services, don’t give up, look for a place that will resonate with you. God is everywhere and His Spirit is of love and Fire; an amazing love that touches everyone who knocks at his door. If you are knocking and there is no answer, maybe is time to knock a little harder or find another door. God Bless!