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May  5, 2019
The Gospel by JN 21:1-19


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Jesus resurrects and no one recognized him; what’s up with that? It does not make sense that after all the ordeal on the cross; he is not recognizable when he appears. Notice that the texts say: “they were afraid to ask him who he was”. In other words, they should have been ashamed as they were with him for so long. This is an important text, let me explain.

            When the scriptures are crystal clear, we take what we read as true, but when they are confusing we KNOW that they must be absolutely true. Why is that? Because the text does not make any sense, any good writer would have solved the problem by stretching the truth and saying that everyone witnessed his resurrection, but that is not what it says. It says no one recognized him; not Mary Magdalene, not Peter, not John, no one. Thus this story is true and hides a huge message.  

            He resurrected in his GLORIOUS body. The disciples were looking at him with the eyes of the body and not with the eyes of the SOUL. In other words we are at Church and we see the priest baptizing and we say “it’s cute, but I don’t see God”. Even people within the church are looking, but not seeing.

When Peter is told: “It’s the Lord”, he behaves like Adam and Eve. In the Garden of Eden when God called they became aware of their nakedness. Jesus calls and Peter becomes aware that he is not fully dressed, so he fixes himself before sitting at the table with him. Do you understand that? In Eden our first parents were ashamed of being naked –nakedness represented sinfulness. Peter’s denial of the Lord is what makes him “naked” in front of God. No wonder Jesus decided to fix him by forgiving him: Do you love me?

            The last story of today’s Gospel is about repentance. Notice that both Peter and Judas neglected the Christ. What makes them different is their behavior. One learned to live with his sin and seek repentance and the other did not. Notice that Peter remained with his community of believers, Judas, on the other hand, ran away and killed himself. The pain in both men was great, but only one believed in forgiveness. Now, think for a second, Jesus was not resurrected yet and Peter went back to his community and confessed his sin and stayed with them. Thomas, was more incredulous and even when the others announced that Jesus was alive, he did not trust the community (but he still remained in it). Peter received the forgiveness of his peers, before he was forgiven officially by Jesus.

            What does all this mean? When you sin, look for friends and family; look for their forgiveness. God is willing to forgive you, even if you betray him. What keeps God away from you, is not God, but your pride and ignorance. By staying on your own –in trying to fix your life alone- you miss the opportunity that your family and friends can offer in your own healing.

I pray that you learn the value of community life and of family. God Bless
Father Marc Angelo
Ecumenical Catholics

P.S. if you read Spanish: my book is out: Muerte Sin Confesión.

Thank you and many blessings!
Rev. Marc Angelo, MDiv, MBAacc

   There are times in which doubting is inevitable!
Take time to celebrate your spiritual essence, get in touch with your soul and if the image of God is not helping you pray or concentrate, then close your eyes. IF by calling Him God you get distracted by what your parents taught you about religion, then call God Heavenly mother and father. Call God: Universal Love or heavenly Angel. Use whatever name fits your relationship with the divine. OR just say my Divine Essence, my heavenly protector.

Don’t forget to pray for me too. May God bless you and keep you safe.

 The Most Reverend Marcus
Auxiliary Bishop, Ecumenical Catholic Diocese of Los Angeles
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